LaTeX2Symbol now released for Flash CS5

I released LaTeX2Symbol extension for Flash CS5. I have tested it on 64bit Windows 7. It should work. If you have any problems don’t hesitate to ask help.

You can download the new .zxp extension package here:

Problems installing?

If your OS has different language than your Flash IDE try to open the extension manager inside Flash (Help -> Manage Extensions). That way the extension is installed in correct language folder. More info:

Now… go and do some crazy math stuff with this! I would be happy to hear from you and about your results.

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LaTeX2Flash blog has moved here!

I moved this blog from SourgeForge under my domain ( I also made a flashy banner using LaTeX2Symbol panel. Enjoy!

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First version of LaTeXField published!

I got the first beta version of LaTeXField ready. Feel free to test it! Click the link or visit for the latest version.

LaTeXField is very simple at the moment. It just offers easy way to use CodeCogs rendering service to get equations dynamically to your Flash content. I’ll listen feature requests. You can email me or just drop a comment.

I’m planning to add some features in the future including:

  • preloader
  • some kind of plugin system
  • caching of equations to lift some burden from CodeCogs server

Usage example:

Remember to use double backslash when writing LaTeX code because AS3 has backslash as an escape character.

  import flash.display.*;
  import flash.text.*;

  public class Test extends MovieClip
    private var latexField : LatexField;
    private var inputField : TextField;

    public function Test()
      inputField = new TextField();
      inputField.type = TextFieldType.INPUT;
      inputField.border = true;
      latexField = new LatexField();
      latexField.eqString = "\\sum_{i=0}^ni=1+2+3+4+\\ldots +n";
      latexField.x = 200;
      inputField.addEventListener(KeyboardEvent.KEY_UP, keyUpListener);

    private function keyUpListener(e:KeyboardEvent):void
      if (e.keyCode == 13) {
        latexField.eqString = escape(TextField(;
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LaTeX2Symbol needs beta testers

I’m happy to announce that LaTeX2Symbol panel is ready for beta testing. Special thanks to William at who has made this possible by offering the rendering service! I want to also thank Troy Henderson and Peter from for their support.

Download .mxp file from

If you have unsupported version of Flash or some other OS, give it a try and inform me how it goes. Maybe we can get this working on your setup. I hope we get proper documentation later. At the moment you can find some help from .mxp:s info when installing.

Here are some screenshots:

Picture of an equation in Flash IDE

Basic equation importing

Picture of an equation in Flash IDE

Lines to fills for better quality

I’m working with AS3 class LaTeXField also. Check it up later this year!


P.S. I’d be happy to receive any ideas for the project.

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Plan for LaTeX2Flash

LaTeX2Flash is going to be an open source toolset for importing LaTeX generated content to Adobe Flash IDE and Adobe Flash Player. The main goal of this project is to enable mathematic typesetting in Flash environment.

LaTeX2Flash is planned to have two separate tools:

LaTeX2Symbol includes a custom panel for Flash IDE. It allows you to input LaTeX code and get the rendered result imported as a symbol in library. LaTeX2Symbol also has all the needed scripts to provide this functionality. Rendering can be done locally or with remote server.

LaTeXField is an ActionScript 3.0 class that allows runtime importing of LaTeX content to Flash Player as DisplayObject. LaTeX code for LaTeXField can be set by AS3 or with TextField that is linked to LaTeXField. Rendering is done with remote server.

Support at the moment:
OS: Windows XP
Flash IDE: Adobe Flash 8 and CS3

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